I started drumming after watching Ringo at the age of eight. After years of performing live, beginning with my Aunt Ellie's country band at age 15, and later with area rock bands, I've become a musician with a home studio and just enough knowledge of other instrument to make music on his own. 

Though I may not be actively performing music publicly anymore, I find it much more rewarding to create a piece of music from scratch and watch it either become something worthy of release or something that I can build on for my next project.


I know I will probably never make a living at this 'hobby' that I've kept alive through the years, but if I can find that one sound or hook in a song that qualifies me for the 'one hit wonder' club, it'll all be worth it.  I hope you enjoy my sounds and please encourage me to make more if you do.

A big thank you to my parents for putting up with my years of practicing and to my wife, Karen who still puts up with it today.

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Last updated May 2024

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